Woodland Themed Birthday Party

When it comes to decorating, we love discovering new trends and ideas. And what better way to try some new decorating ideas at than a birthday party! You can have more fun with themes and there is a more room for new ideas.

That is why we LOVED this blog post from Clean Eats & Treats about a Woodland themed birthday party for her fiver-year-old daughter who wanted a party suited for both her boy and girl friends.

From the decorations to the food, she did a great job, and we are happy we could help her bring her woodland theme to life!

Here are few pictures from the party. You can see the full post on her blog here.

download (4)  download (3)

The topiaries, moss, decorative balls, and mushroom tree were all from Tai Pan. You can also get a wide variety of white platters/dishware from any of our locations.

download (2)

download (1)

This wreath is from Tai Pan and she added a cute cardboard cutout of her daughter’s first initial.

download (5)  download (6)

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Sunday Dinner: Thai Lettuce Wraps By Maren Anderson

It’s a fact: Summer has ended, kids are back in school, and Fall is just around the corner.  I thought before everything went “pumpkin” shaped, colored, and flavored, I’d have a crisp clean white-dish Sunday dinner with seasonal lettuce and Thai spices.

My collection of Buy 1 Get 1 Free white dishware is diverse and a perfect background for the lush colors of lettuce, carrots, and all the other delicious ingredients in this easy meal.  As always, there are racks upon racks of every dish you could imagine in the Tai Pan Trading store.

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Chop small:

2 C. cabbage

1 C. broccoli

1 C. course grated carrot

(or use 4 cups of slaw mix)


3-4 T. minced cilantro

1 T. Thai basil or regular basil chopped (optional)

2 chopped green onions (I used some chives from my garden)


Put 2 T. coconut oil in a small frying pan and grate in 1 large clove of garlic and fry just until it starts to brown.  (I don’t like raw garlic so I usually do this as it infuses your oil with a toasty garlic flavor)

Ginger Dressing


2 T. rice vinegar

1 T. soy sauce

½ tsp. sesame oil

2 tsp. grated ginger (peel and freeze your ginger for future use.  It grates easier)

½ tsp. honey

Juice of 1 lime

2 tsp. of lemon grass paste (optional)  If you use reduce the lime to ½

½ tsp. Sriracha (optional) not enough to make it hot but adds a nice color.

Thai Slaw
Thai Slaw
Thai Slaw with Crispy Noodles
Add Rice Noodles & Eat as a Salad!
Lettuce Wraps
Spoon slaw into the center of wide pieces of lettuce for a utensil free dinner!

When ready to serve add 1/2 C. dry roasted peanuts or you could use cashews and a can of drained tuna or chicken.  Toss with the dressing and enjoy!

How to Throw a Stress-Free Birthday Party for a Large Group

20150720-_-80E  20150720-_-141E

My nine-year-old daughter’s favorite treat is the dole whips from Disneyland. So we decided to re-create it for her birthday party! It went perfect for the theme of the party, which was a float bar. We used vanilla ice cream, rainbow and pineapple sherbet and then gave guests a choice of root beer, pineapple juice or sprite to top it off. It was so easy and a lot fun!

The tin for the water bottles and the picnic supplies were all from Tai Pan and really helped bring the party theme together.


We also got this cute tray and chalk board from Tai Pan to help label the float bar!


My favorite party hack was using wrapping paper I found at Tai Pan for the table cloth! Using wrapping paper gives you so many more options in patterns and looks for your party.

20150720-_-15E 20150720-_-31E

You can also use it for placemats. It’s under $3.00 and you can buy in stores or online!


Whatever your birthday party theme, you can find a lot of creative ways to decorate with items from Tai Pan. And to save even more, check out our TPT Deals, where we post a new deal every day!


Front Door Make-Over, Blue is the New Black

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in”, stated the novelist Graham Greene.  It seemed a particularly good quote to remember as I perused the photos proud parents posted of their kids on Facebook this week.  Back to school is one of the best times to get fresh photos of kids wearing their newest fashion statements at the front door.  I’ve included a few from the Stewart, Kaufusi, and Colquitt families in my post.  Olivia’s striped blue & white backpack is available in our Tai Pan Trading stores!

front door1        IMG_8287 (1)

front door4        front door2

The front door is such a beautiful backdrop for so many of life’s special moments. I was inspired by these charming pictures to update my own front door, perfect timing to maximize the curb appeal of my Fall and Halloween decorating that is just around the corner.

Before: Satin White

front door white2front door white3           Front Door White

After: March Aquamarine

bluedoor6  bluedoor4 bluedoor2

My friend at the Home Depot paint counter also recommended these colors, many being quite popular:

Yacht Blue S490-4
Yacht Blue S490-
High Dive P480-5
High Dive P480-5
Blue Square S460-5
Blue Square S460-5
Rushing Stream P480-4
Rushing Stream P480-4

Front door dogs

My little ones are home schooled, but they do look great in front of the new blue front door!  Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks, we will have lots of front door & porch decorating ideas to maximize your curb appeal for Fall & Halloween!

Back to School Fashion from Tai Pan

You’ve had a summer full of fun in the sun and family vacations. Now it’s time for back to school and hunting down the best fashion finds and this year you can find them at Tai Pan’s fashion department.

This year, fashion is bringing back an 80’s favorite – overalls. These burgundy overalls from Tai Pan are the perfect addition to your back-to-school wardrobe.


Our fashion department doesn’t end at clothes. Complete your look with our accessories!

IMG_7350  IMG_7348

Need a backpack? We have those too! Carry all your school supplies in style.

IMG_7143  IMG_7141

IMG_7140  IMG_7144

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3 Easy Steps for Perfect Faux Flowers


From the Brittany Maddux blog.

We know that the presentation of your home is important and feeling like you have to stay on top of everything can get overwhelming fast. So finding little tricks to ease up your load can seem like a life saver.

FauxFlowerTutorial11One trick we love is using faux flowers in your home. We know using faux flowers can have a bad reputation of looking “tacky”. But that’s not always true. If they are done right, they can look just a beautiful as real flowers – and they last forever with very little maintenance.

So we teamed up with blogger Brittany Maddux to show you just how great faux flowers can look in your home. She has written an easy step-by-step guide to creating the perfect faux flowers.

And when you’re done, don’t forget to stop by TPT Deals to get great deals on some other great décor to complete the look!


FauxFlowerTutorial03 FauxFlowerTutorial05

How to Have Your Dream Wedding on a Small Budget

Weddings are a frequent event in Utah. And with Utah’s amazing scenery and the fact that we have all four seasons, each bride can easily have her dream wedding. But when it comes to planning the big day, your budget can get in the way of your dream becoming a reality.

So we have put together some great ideas that can help you save some money without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams.


When it comes to flowers it is important remember that you are not limited to what the flower shop offers. Faux flowers can be added to centerpieces to help fill space and save money. Make sure to choose flowers that blend well with your real flowers. We have a great selection of faux flowers and we can help you pick out some flowers to add to your arrangement and no one will ever know!

Can you tell which flowers are real and which are faux in this centerpiece?
View More: http://followyourartphotography.pass.us/rowe-wedding

Try spray painting a faux flower ball to match your colors, then hang it from a tree, gazebo or or archway!
View More: http://followyourartphotography.pass.us/rowe-wedding

Add some curly willow to an arrangement for new look. You can even spray paint the twigs to match your wedding colors.
View More: http://followyourartphotography.pass.us/rowe-wedding

Table SettingsView More: http://followyourartphotography.pass.us/rowe-wedding

Every detail matters when decorating a wedding – down to the smallest details in the table settings. A great way to enhance your table setting without breaking the bank is using chasers. They don’t cost a lot and you can always spray paint them to match your colors.


View More: http://followyourartphotography.pass.us/rowe-weddingRibbon is a great way to add color throughout your venue without spending a fortune. Hanging wreaths and even some of your pictures with ribbon is a great way to add color and fill wall space. You can also wrap lamp post, tree stumps, etc. with ribbon!

We know how expensive weddings can get. That is why we want you to come into any one of our 7 locations and talk with a sales associate to see what we can do to help. Don’t give up on your dream wedding because of the cost.

Come to Tai Pan first or visit TPTdeals.com to find great deals and ideas.

You can also follow us on Pinterest for some other great ideas!

Photography by: Tiffany Burke