DIY Wrapping Paper Bunting

Everybody has leftover wrapping paper, right?  Scraps and cut pieces that aren’t useful can become fun, colorful bunting.  This project requires few supplies and can be put together in a very short time

  • Triangle Pattern; make this with cardstock, cardboard, or anything with some weight to it.
  • Hole Punch
  • Scizzors
  • Wrapping Paper or Craft Paper
  • Jute Rope, Ribbon, or String

TPT Home and Tai Pan Trading carry a line of Gift Wrap called Stone Wrap, it has amazing texture and works great for this project.The unique properties of Stone Wrap will inspire creativity; the soft and smooth texture feels luxurious, and doesn’t tear and fold like traditional paper wraps.

Treeless Gift Wrap is made from 75% Limestone – 25% Polyethylene. The limestone is a bi-product of mining which would normally be discarded. Instead it is salvaged and made into this material without water or bleach and is waterproof as well as recyclable. It has a high quality matte finish, smooth surface and the ease of folding and cutting are unlike any other. Made in USA from imported material. Wide 30″X 10’ rolls are printed on both sides for maximum design opportunities!

Once the triangles are cut it is easy to design a color pattern, punch the holes in the wrap, and string the jute, twine, or ribbon.


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