In Bloom By Maren Anderson

My Yard is in full bloom.  A few of my early spring flowers are faded, but the roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are looking fresh and bright.  As I wandered Tai Pan Trading, AKA TPT Home, this week, I had these blooms in mind.  In the kitchen area I noticed many different bottles and glass oil and vinegar dispensers that were 1$-3$.  It seemed using these as vases would be both economical as well as a great way to feature individual flowers.  I mixed in a few antique inspired bud vases as well as some recycled glass cups to round out the assortment.



IMG_9955        IMG_9924




 I like putting some of my favorite bud vases in bowls with balls and shells for a pop of fresh color and organic accent on a table.  Several of the vases are available for online ordering thru TPT Deals.

Hanging vases have always been a favorite of mine.  I love these vintage-looking metal and glass hanging vessels, they can hold fresh flowers or candles.  Attaching them with ribbon from a chandelier provides an alternative centerpiece with spunk and spice.

ribbon hanging hyd hanging hyd2 hanging hyd3 hyd2

TPT Home and Tai Pan Trading inventory is constantly changing, but there is always something to inspire individual design and give you a unique way to feature your garden blooms.

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