DIY Artificial Succulent Arrangement


 By Maren Anderson

Making an artificial succulent arrangement can be one of the easiest designs to succeed at for a novice.  By learning just a few tricks you can make an awe inspiring feature for your home.

What you will need for this design:

  • Dry Foam
  • Knife
  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Wire or Paddle Wire
  • Hot Glue Pan or Hot Glue Gun
  • Moss
  • Assortment of Artificial Succulents

TPT Home in Costa Mesa, California  always has a unique selection of these succulents.  Tai Pan Trading along the wasatch front also has a large selection, including a few designs already made up for sale featured in the online store TPT Deals.

foam blog1 IMG_0106

It isn’t necessary to have the foam cubes fit your container exactly, you can use left over scraps to wedge into the sides to get a tight and secure setting for your arrangement.  Glue the parts together and lay a heavy layer of moss across the top.  I like to wedge the moss in along the sides with a knife.IMG_0109 moss rocks     IMG_0114

Artificial moss rocks are my favorite additions to succulent arrangements.  The succulents can be a little expensive, the moss rocks add an additional texture as well as minimize the number of succulents you have to purchase to fill the container.  These rocks are foam filled, use old floral stems to poke in the foam with a bit of glue.  These rocks are now SUPER secure, and you can get them to sit on the edge of the container or layer them on top of each other.

  IMG_0116 rock3   layered rocks

The moss used to cover the foam in the container can be used as a design element.  Get a nice thick mass of moss, fold a floral wire around it and twist the wire together.  The wire can then be inserted into the foam, add a bit of hot glue for a secure design.

IMG_0122  moss wire2 IMG_0124

Your arrangement should look like a landscape of peaks and valleys.  Stick the stems of the succulents into the foam at varying angels, with some elements sticking out, some secured closely to the container.

suc anglessuc rocks

Some succulent pics have thin enough stems to stick through the foam rocks, dimension is key to creating a pleasing design and layers provide a natural organic feeling.

There is no wrong way to design, if you have a vision express it!
suc box4


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