4th of July Picnic Decor

Americana is fun, colorful, and appropriate year round.  This time of year, in the month of July, we tend to take the Americana outdoors with picnics, parties, fireworks, and many other summer activities.   When I saw the red, white, and blue rubber ball in the Tai Pan Trading in Sandy Utah, I thought “this could make the perfect centerpiece for a picnic!”  The ball was on sale for under $3 and of good quality!

I found a few containers of appropriate size, I ended up selecting a square one.  The round ball in a square container leaves gaps in the corners, those gaps would act as placeholders for sparklers.  If you don’t want children to have access to sparklers, a simple round pot will hold the ball in a topiary form until it’s time to take it off to play.

IMG_0622   ball

Filling the container with sand, dirt or gravel will keep the tablecloth in place as well as prop up the sparklers.


How about a blanket to sit on in the grass? This one is perfect for watching fireworks on.  Under $20, with a sherpa backing, it makes a practical addition to the celebrations’ decor.

IMG_0641   IMG_0638

I couldn’t help myself, I lit a few of the sparklers in the container, not recommended.


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