Giveaway! Farmers Market Survival Kit!

I love the Farmers Market, nothing says summer to me like farm fresh produce and local vendors displaying their wares outdoors.  I keep a bag on a hook by my front door with all the things I need to shop on a Saturday morning, it keeps me from scrambling around when I’m in a rush to take advantage of the good parking and cool morning hours.  This week I’d like you to have an opportunity to get a free and fashionable set-up to use when shopping your local markets…and yes, TPT counts as a small business and local market!Farmers Market Bag

What YOU Could Win!

  • Burlap Bag with Black/White Chevron Lining and an interior pocket.
  • 2-Color Straw Fidora with a Blue accent Ribbon.
  • 2 Pairs of Sunglasses.

All Shipped for free to your home!

If you follow our blog just leave a comment naming your favorite thing about the Farmers Market and/or your information in the Contact menu and we will enter you in the Giveaway! Winner will be selected at random on Friday, July 24th.

My favorite farmers markets are naturally in close proximity to my stomping grounds. The SoCo Farmers Market is a little piece of heaven in the heart of Orange County.  It runs from 9am-2pm on Saturdays right outside our TPT Home store in Costa Mesa, CA.  Here are a few pictures from their SoCo Farmers Market tumbler, there are lots of helpful bits of information there to help you navigate the market.

SOCO Farmers Market Hopkins Ag.     tumblr_inline_muvrovaG9A1rkiv70 SOCO FRUITFuture Foods Farm Fat Plant Man    tumblr_inline_n3gxh8IBry1rkiv70 SOCO


My other favorite is the Downtown SLC Farmers Market.  This market is huge: there are musicians, crafts, special events, local fare, and even a Bike Valet!Bike V

slc fm   bEATS   lETTUCEgARLIC PEPPERS    FM Couple   Dotties Barn

9 thoughts on “Giveaway! Farmers Market Survival Kit!

  1. My favorite thing about Farmers Market are their hard work. Farmer must wake up early to work. They produce many fruits, vegetables,… and I love them! I am from Vietnam and when I lived in Vietnam, I cooked many food by vegetables, onions, cabbages,… I was scared if I live in USA, I can’t find, cook andweat them. Now I live in California. Every two weeks, I usually go to farmer market with my parents and my sister. I love all by nature and farmers.
    *I’m sorry for my bad english, and thanks for the chance*

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  2. I love going to the Lake Oswego Farmers Market because it means I’ve left my HOT home in Arizona and am visiting my sisters in Oregon!


  3. My favorite thing about the farmers market is the people you meet, you can talk to others and get great recipes and cooking tips, and the freshness at great prices usually lower than supermarket.



  4. I love the connection to the food. It doesn’t sit on a boat for weeks to ripen, it’s cared for and then passed onto me to prepare and enjoy! Can’t wait to start my garden next spring, it’s been too long!


  5. I love buying fresh fruit and veggies at the SLC market. And seeing local vendors with their handmade items. Fun stuff.


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