Visit us at taipantrading.com or mytpthome.com

Tai Pan Trading is an importer of quality home décor products at affordable prices.  Anyone seeking to beautify their home, patio, office, or looking to design for a party or event can find something at TPT to inspire them.  TPT holiday decorating will astound and overwhelm you!

Tai Pan Trading emerged in 1979 as a wholesale floral supplier. It began as a small operation, existing in a very cramped space, with only two cash registers and very few parking stalls. But even with all of the inconveniences, it still became many designers’ favorite place to shop for home décor. As the business grew, a decision was made to expand the showroom and offer their great products and pricing directly to the public.

Tai Pan Trading has, as of 2015, expanded to include the TPT Home division and has 7 stores.

TPT provides a destination shopping experience. It is a place to come for inspiration and design ideas for your home year round, but especially for holiday decorating. Families and friends gather, and come from every state across the country to enjoy this adventure together. TPT creates a unique shopping  experience with shoppable and interactive vignettes designed to create ideas and inspire you to make your home warm, comforting, inviting, and expressive of your own particular style. Come in and see for yourself, or visit our online store!



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